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Dan and Jean pit fire picture

Some clay, salt, and a hot fire.  Simple recipes are the best creations, and that is the experiment.  No glazes, just natural elements to create one of a kind pieces that can never be duplicated.  It's a passion, a sweet addiction, with surprising and unpredictable outcomes.

In April of 2017, Dan and I attended a workshop on how to pit fire.  Dan has been in the ceramic business since his teenage years, we both had some experience with raku, and thought pit firing would be an interesting process to learn.   After the workshop, we were determined to take some of the stoneware pieces we had and give pit firing a try.  In May 2018, we built a pit in the backyard and fired out first pieces over the July 4th weekend.  The results of that first firing had us both hooked.  Since then, we have been experimenting with different materials and methods.  We hope you find the pieces as unique and interesting as we do.  There are no duplicates, as the materials, method, and heat determine much of the outcome.  Browse the collection and we hope you find something that speaks to your unique style.

Prepped foil saggar

Prepped pit

Vacation 2019 104.JPG
Vacation 2019 112.JPG

Firing pieces

Vacation 2019 117.JPG

Coal bed

Vacation 2019 120.JPG

Pieces now on display and for sale at 225 Artisan's Gallery in Amana, IA

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